24 Sep 2011

    You know the deal… 

    Skrillex - Bangarang

    15 Sep 2011

    The wait is finally over. Porter Robinson, the 19-year old producer from North Carolina, has finally released his long awaited SPITFIRE EP. I recently caught part of his phenomenal set at Electric Zoo, and Porter is pretty much unmatched in terms of the energy and creativity he brings to the decks. He is certainly one of the most talented new producers out there.

    This 6-track EP is one of the best I’ve heard, winding through the EDM genre circuit of Electro House, Dubstep, Moombahton and even Trance. The remixes from Knife Party, Downlink, SkisM, Kill The Noise and Mikkas are all incredible.

    The second track Unison and its Knife Party remix are by far my favorites. SPITFIRE has certainly set a new bar for producers everywhere. Wow, it’s just incredible.

    8 Sep 2011

    Feed The Animals Pt. II (Electric Zoo Review)

    Day 2:

    The second day was an early one for me and some of my friends. We arrived at 12:30 to an almost empty festival grounds to see SBTRKT who was playing in the Red Bull tent. Understanding that this wasn’t billed as one of SBTRKT’s live sets with his vocalist Sampha, I didn’t expect to just hear his self-titled album cover-to-cover (even though that is what I secretly was wishing for). Instead, we sat down to a bass-driven set that would fit in easily at a swanky NYC club like Le Bain (which we had the pleasure of going to that night, only to see the likes of Skrillex, 12th Planet, Alvin Risk, and Alex English running about).

    Unfortunately, nothing in SBTRKT’s set really captured my attention except for the occasional drop of one his originals. I was able to walk to the front and see the masked producer fire off loops/samples/beats from the APC40-looking MIDI controller, which was cool. Apart from that though, I still found myself wishing it was an ‘acoustic’ SBTRKT set. Another time I suppose.

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    23 Aug 2011

    Well… new Skrillex… again… it rules… again… i think we’re all beginning to see a pattern here… hahaha it’s ridiculous how much awesome music this guy can put out.

    Skrillex - Right Here

    19 Aug 2011

    New music video for Skrillex’s First Of The Year (Equinox). Interesting…

    14 Aug 2011

    The name Knife Party may have floated past your ears in the past couple months. I didn’t know until recently however, that Knife Party is actual a side project of Pendulum frontman (Rob Swire) and bassist (Gareth McGrillen). Named after a Deftones song, Knife Party has been secretly in the works on some massive tunes including collaborations with Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex. They’re touching on all genres from electro, to dubstep, to house, to moombahcore. I’m expecting big things after listening to this unreleased mix of theirs. Pop it on your speakers and see what you think.

    21 Jun 2011

    18 May 2011

    5 May 2011

    Big collab on this track. 12th Planet and Skrillex bust out the dirtiest beats on Father Said. Massive grimy growls juxtaposed against Sonny’s whiny yet musically appealing vocals make for the darkest emo marriage in EDM. Check it now! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

    12th Planet & Skrillex - Father Said

    2 May 2011

    What’s it like to look through the eyes of a world famous DJ?

    28 Apr 2011

    Even Skrillex is scared of this song. Download if you dare…

    Even Skrillex is scared of this song. Download if you dare

    8 Apr 2011

    I’m never been a huge metal fan. Now I am. Once again Skrillex defies genre boundaries and unleashes a powerful ‘metalstep’ single collaboration with Korn. As usual, the signature drops are out in full-force, but the true power of the song comes from the chorus. Skrillex does a fantastic job of showcasing metal but does not go so far to isolate it from the rest of the song. Everything works in face-melting harmony and demonstrates the versatility of electronic music yet again. If you’re weary of this song because you don’t like metal, ”Shut the fuck up, GET UP!!!” 

    7 Feb 2011

    Just another reason why Skrillex is one of my favorite artists of 2011. This remix of ‘Sensual Seduction’ not only demonstrates Skrillex’s ability to drop megatons of bass, but also highlights his musicianship. I appreciate that the smooth vibe of the original track is not lost amidst the face-melting. Excellent track. Get it while it’s HOT!