7 Sep 2011

    Feed The Animals Pt. I (Electric Zoo Review)

    Well it’s over. Our bodies are in shambles. We have the hearing of 80-year-olds. And our brains are more or less mush. But we did it. 3 days of Electric Zoo madness. There is so much to tell so I guess I dive right in…

    Day 1:

    My friends and I arrived to the first day of Zoo via the 103rd St. footbridge from Manhattan around 3pm. First thing I noticed was the layout. It was ideal. Each stage had its own setting, with hardly no sound leakage between them. The Main Stage was naturally enormous and could be heard far out into the large grassy expanse of Randall’s Island Park. Next was the Red Bull Riverside tent, which along with the Sunday School Grove tent, provided Zoo-goers with a much more intimate and confined venue to see their favorite artists up close. Last was the largest tent, the Hilltop Arena, aptly named for its ability to project sound clearly onto the shaded hilltop that lay on the other side of the festival field (pictured below).


    Apart from the well-organized stage layout, Electric Zoo also made sure to have every other raver amenities conveniently located. Bathrooms were plentiful, food stands were diverse and not too expensive (for a concert), and most importantly, water was readily available at free fountains as well as general drink stands around the park (you could even cash in 10 empty bottles that you picked off the ground for a free water, #smart). I’ve been to plenty of other festivals and I have never seen one run as intelligently as Electric Zoo, so ‘hats off’. 

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    23 Jul 2011

    I posted a G2KDJ highlight about sebastiAn a couple weeks ago. Embody is one of the standout tracks off his ‘Total’ album, which was released last May. I just happened across the music video and I couldn’t help but chuckle through the whole thing. The track has got a great “vintage summer” vibe and makes me want to go bust a funky move all over the streets of DC. Too bad the heat index today is 122 °F…

    sebastiAn - Embody (Original Mix)

    sebastiAn - Embody (Kavinsky Remix)

    22 May 2011

    Get 2 Know A DJ - sebastiAn


    You need to get to know sebastiAn. Part of the Ed Banger Records family, sebastiAn has been a force to be reckoned with on the French electro house scene since his first release on the label in 2005. From his own EPs including “Smoking Kills”, “Ross Ross Ross”, and “Motor” to his massive 2008 “sebastiAn Remixes” compilation including reworks of Daft Punk, Mylo, Uffie, Kelis, Kavinsky, Kalxons and more, sebastiAn has become known as one of the primary pioneers of avant-garde electro.

    The release of his highly anticipated full-length album has finally become a reality. Total (to be released on May 30th) will feature a whopping 22 tracks! I’ve listened to most of the album and I can honestly say it is nothing but HEAVY. sebastiAn’s sound spans the gamut of EDM, from electro, to house, to funk, to something that is too immense to put into words. Take a peek and get ready to submit to sounds of sebastiAn in a couple days.

    1 May 2011

    Sebastian is an artist that I find myself overlooking for no particular reason. This is a mistake. The French electrohouse musician has been pumping out huge tracks on the Ed Banger label for years now as will as some monstrous remixes of Daft Punk, The Who, Cut Copy, Klaxons, The Rapture, and more. This remix of The Kills’ Cheap and Cheerful is one of my all time favorites. The electro hits spot on with the vocals, each elevating one another to more impressive levels. Got your download HERE!