16 Sep 2011

    My mind is still blown from Gui Boratto’s EZoo set. Fortunately, the Brazilian minimalist just released a new album this week. I haven’t had a chance to listen all the way through, but the final track This Is Not The End steals the show for me. It has a familiar Gui Boratto tone and features the beautiful buzzing voice of Luciana Villanova, who many may recognize from some of his other tracks. Different than No Turning Back and Beautiful Life though, this track is stripped of any real climax. It is a musing walk through confusion, nostalgia, and hope… just how I like my Gui Boratto music.

    12 Jul 2011

    It doesn’t get more classic than Aphex Twin. Considered one of the most influential electronic artists of the 90’s, this EDM vanguardist has spent his musical career moving through all electronic genres and has influenced a generation of musicians today. Windowlicker is one of my favorites by Aphex Twin. The tone is incredible complicated, evoking feelings of melancholy and anxiousness, yet it remains a totally danceable piece of music. The music video will also creep you out 100%.

    Windowlicker - Aphex Twin

    20 Jan 2011

    Anders Trentemøller came onto the electronic music scene in 1997, forming the first live-house act in Denmark with DJ T.O.M. After a brief hiatus from the house scene, Trentemøller returned with a new sound, a slew of legendary remixes, and a live performance acclaimed for Anders’ exquisitely tight live keys played in tandem with DJ sets. His show is rated as one of the best in the world so I certainly plan on seeing him at UMF this March.