29 Jul 2011

    I can never get enough of Gesaffelstein. His industrial sound are so unique and dark and he knows how to effectively use silence in his tracks. A couple months ago, he released his ‘Conspiracy Pt. 1' EP on the prestigious Turbo Records. The three-track EP bangs loud with ominous drumbeats and what I like to call, “sewer swag” (especially on his most celebrated single to date, Hatred). The ‘Conspiracy Pt. 2’ EP, follows up on the first, taking us even deeper into the misfit techno abyss of Gesaffelstein. All three tracks have something new to give. Origins is one long build and brings to mind scenes of a German U-Boat drawing closer and closer to its undersea target. Opr has this twisted crystalline feel during the breakdown, which is a pure spectacle of sound. Lastly, my personal favorite, Viol is just pure mischief. Music well worth listening.