29 Sep 2011

    Calvin Harris has been touring along side Rihanna since early last summer, so it was only a matter of time before the two decided to collaborate on a track. We Found Love is a perfect unification of both artists’ sounds. Rihanna delivers melodic and yearning lyrics and Calvin busts out another anthemic beat, which makes the track uniquely house rather than just the same electropop sound that has been dominating the Top 40 charts. This one will certainly be being played out everywhere, so grab it while it’s hot!

    Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna - We Found Love

    7 May 2011

    Get 2 Know A DJ - Calvin Harris


    This weekend I journeyed with my group of friends (otherwise known as the Tufts Electronic Music Syndicate) to see a Calvin Harris DJ Set at Pacha nightclub in NYC. Although the Scottish singer-songwriter announced a couple months back that his live vocal performance was gone for good, I knew that he would deliver nothing but a spectacular DJ set. Needless to say I was not mistaken. Although he wasn’t singing them himself, Harris made sure to pump his set full of his own production from his earliest synthpop singles to his contemporary electro house smashers.

    His stage presence may not have had the wild mania of Rusko or the chilled out swag of Pretty Lights, but he exuded confidence in everything and his set was nearly flawless. He included a wide variety of other tracks apart from his own, including classics like Darude’s Sandstorm to unreleased singles such as Save The World by SHM, and even threw in a little dubstep to confuse all the house fiends. Calvin Harris has sat at the top of the UK charts for years and his latest ventures into vocal-less production show no sign of unseating him from the throne. His sound is always fresh yet timeless. I’m Not Alone still feels like it just hit radio waves and is going to be next summer’s EDM concert anthem.

    For those of you who are classic Calvin die-hards, don’t be put off by his “DJ Set” versus his live performance. He still brings a vibrant energy and demonstrates mastery behind the CDJ decks. Calvin Harris is an icon and as any great artist should, he’s trying out new musical pursuits to keep himself interested as well as make new and creative music for all his fans. 

    14 Mar 2011

    Here’s a new track by Calvin Harris. It’s definitely a change of pace for those used to the wily artist’s smooth and humorous nu-disco vocals. Some may not like Calvin Harris’ decision to discontinue singing on his tracks, myself included, but this track has a very unique flavor (reminiscent of Afrojack’s production) which I hope to see Harris develop as he forges forward with his DJ-only career.


    1 Mar 2011

    Today’s track is the newest single off Robyn’s completed album Body Talk, which was released in two different parts and a final 3rd EP installment. ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ is just one of the many synthpop singles from the Swedish recording artist. Like Elly Jackson of La Roux, Robyn has defied gender/genre stereotyping that often occurs in pop music, producing tracks that have something for everyone, whether it be lyrics lamenting adolescent ailments, euro-house hooks, all-out electro drops, or a swag-infused verse by Snoop Dogg. Robyn’s music is comprised of so many different musical elements that you will be hard-pressed not finding something you don’t want to rock out to.


    Also keep a look out for the Feed Me Remix

    19 Feb 2011

    Today’s track is a remix of Cut Copy’s ‘Take Me Over’ by Mylo. The Scottish electronic musician/producer has provided other remixes for artitsts such as Kylie Minogue, The Killers, The Knife, Scissor Sisters, and Amy Winehouse, however he is best known for his singles ‘Muscle Car’ and ‘Doctor Pressure’. Mylo’s sound is distinctly house at its core, which lends itself well to Cut Copy’s electro/synthpop track. There’s a lot of atmospheric and ambient depth to this version which makes for easy and enjoyable listening. Get it.


    15 Feb 2011

    Ugh. I just went through my daily music updates and I’m becoming frustrated by the tremendous influx of the new fusion genre combining elements of dubstep, house, glitch, fidget, and electro - Skrillex for short. Don’t get me wrong… I love Skrillex. He’s one of my favorite artists at the moment, but it seems to me that there are now dozens of artists mimicking Skrillex’s signature sound.

    I’m sure this ‘bass bellowing’ is absolutely earth-shattering to hear at a concert venue, but this genre needs more substance if it wishes to be recognized as more than just a chaotic novelty (the same goes for dubstep in opinion). Skrillex and Feed Me are artists that have accomplished this. Most artists however are pumping their tracks so full of this new-gen bass, that there is no room for anything else, leaving us with an over-dose of noise.

    So why am I posting an Alex Metric remix of La Roux’s ‘Quicksand’? I don’t know. I just wanted to listen to something different. This is a great remix. Simple, soft, sexy. Don’t interpret this post as my retreat from the new and heavy music coming out. Rather, consider it my commitment to search as hard as I can to provide you with the bass that matters.