15 Sep 2011

    The wait is finally over. Porter Robinson, the 19-year old producer from North Carolina, has finally released his long awaited SPITFIRE EP. I recently caught part of his phenomenal set at Electric Zoo, and Porter is pretty much unmatched in terms of the energy and creativity he brings to the decks. He is certainly one of the most talented new producers out there.

    This 6-track EP is one of the best I’ve heard, winding through the EDM genre circuit of Electro House, Dubstep, Moombahton and even Trance. The remixes from Knife Party, Downlink, SkisM, Kill The Noise and Mikkas are all incredible.

    The second track Unison and its Knife Party remix are by far my favorites. SPITFIRE has certainly set a new bar for producers everywhere. Wow, it’s just incredible.

    25 Aug 2011

    You ready for a big one? Better be. Congorock has just dropped his new single Sirius. Right off the bat, this song starts with some anticipatory stabs, which pick up some heat an electronic groaning around 30 seconds. At the one minute mark there’s a brief pause as a massive build filters in from the high levels. At 1:30, say goodnight…

    Congorock - Sirius

    14 Jul 2011

    BASSCAMP Summer Mix Vol. I


    Here’s the first installment of my summer mixes. Download HERE. Plenty more to come. Listen, Dance, Enjoy!


    Pickster & Riot Earp - Around

    CSS - Hits Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix)

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Remix)

    Skrillex - Reptile’s Theme

    Dillon Francis - Masta Blasta

    Daft Punk - Da Funk

    Billy The Gent vs JWLS - Chick Like This

    The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Thoko Remix)

    Enur ft. Natasja - Calabria (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)

    Mochi Beats - Blessed Bass (Avicii x Big Boi x Nicki Minaj)

    Adele vs. Boys Noize - Rolling In The Noize (BASSCAMP #Smashup)

    Drake vs. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be Over (dj eSenTRiK x DJ Sega bootleg)

    Usher - Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix)

    Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich ft. Sue Cho - Hello

    The Mamas and The Papas [Royal DJs Remix] - California Dreaming (Timucin Tezel and Kimmy Baxter Club Mix)

    Autoerotique vs Savage - Bubonic Hips (BASSCAMP #Smashup)

    DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans - Louder

    11 Jun 2011

    Mord Fustang is an Estonian producer who recently has been previewing an entire album’s worth of melodic electro house tracks that are going to absolutely dominate the EDM charts. His recognizable sound is thick, buzzy, and colorful. The Electric Dream was one of the first songs he began previewing, but I suggest you look up his other on his SoundCloud page, specifically A New World and Milky Way. Solid happy electro for your Saturday.

    10 Jun 2011

    Today’s track is Idealistic by the German dance punk duo Digitalism. I know it’s a bit of a throw back but it came up randomly on my iTunes playlist and I could’ve sworn it was something brand new from the likes of someone such as Boys Noize. It’s grittiness is hard in all the right places and is perfect for a room of crazy kids looking to shed their perfunctory routines for the night.

    Digitalism - Idealistic

    3 Jun 2011

    I posted about Feed Me’s ‘To The Stars’ EP a couple weeks ago and today it has finally been released. No download for this one, but if you want to listen to each track you can go here or head over to Beatport where it is available for purchasing. Really solid EP, all four tracks bring something new and unique to the table. Def worth the buy.

    I posted about Feed Me’s ‘To The Stars’ EP a couple weeks ago and today it has finally been released. No download for this one, but if you want to listen to each track you can go here or head over to Beatport where it is available for purchasing. Really solid EP, all four tracks bring something new and unique to the table. Def worth the buy.

    31 May 2011

    ZZT is an ingenious collaboration between Tiga and Zombie Nation. This powerhouse duo is sure to put out some amazing stuff. Zzafrika is their first single, which is amazing on its own, but the Gesaffelstein remix really does it for me. Heavy industrial drums and a ghostly lead bring this one to that next level shizz. 

    ZZT - Zzafrika (Gesaffelstein remix)

    30 May 2011

    Get 2 Know A DJ - Benny Benassi


    Benny Benassi is name that has been inextricably linked to electronic dance music since the mid ’90s. He is best known for his summer anthem Satisfaction, which he released in 2002. However the Benassi name reaches as far back as the late ’80s when Benny and his cousin Alle, the Benassi Bros., began DJing and producing in their hometown, Reggio Emilia, Italy. While the electro trance duo enjoyed a fair amount of success through 2005, Benny Benassi began making a name for himself on the side, producing a capacious amount of original tracks and remixes.

    In 2008 he released his remix of Public Enemy’s Bring The Noise, which won the Grammy for best Dance Remix that year. Following that, Benny’s production picked up even more steam as he released notable remixes for the likes of Kid Cudi, Jimi Hendrix, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wale, Kelis, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Tiesto, Madonna, Example and many more. This year has seen Benassi switch gears from endless remixing to original production again. His new album named “Electroman” is set to be released on June 6th and is comprised of his new singles which have absolutely been annihilating the EDM scene, such as Electroman, Spaceship, House Music, Beautiful People and of course, Cinema.

    I saw Benny spin for three and a half hours last night and although I couldn’t form the thoughts at the time [because my soul was being shattered into oblivion by the endless barrage of electro might he was unleashing], I feel that he is a DJ who has shown his ability to move with the natural flow of EDM. I feel that some artists today stick to their genres a little too strictly for a type of music in which genres no longer are typified by genres. However Benny has simply embraced dance music’s progression and “fads”, which makes him so much fun to see. In one set he dropped tracks by Felix Cartal, Skrillex, Dirty South, Depeche Mode, Moguai and more. I will say though that when it comes to just laying down the heavy electro, Benny is the best. I don’t think I stopped jumping form the moment I entered the club until I jumped into my bed to go to sleep. Benny has made sure that his name will never sound dated, by keeping his sound fresh and flexible to meet the new sounds being introduced to the EDM scene and as long as he sticks to that approach, we’ll be bangin to Benny for years to come.

    27 Apr 2011

    I’ve been repping Feed Me a lot because I think everything the dnb icon turned electro-house monster is so incredibly unique, it deserves notice. I saw Feed Me twice at UMF. The first time he assaulted the crowd in the Korea tent with probably the loudest, most chest-pounding set I heard during the entire festival (perhaps having to do with my positioning in the tent directly next to the front speakers). The second was a surprise set that he did in between sets before Deadmau5. Although he wasn’t able to use the main stages primary audio channels, he still delivered with an onslaught of original songs. I didn’t recognize any from the Feed Me’s Big Adventure EP, so I presumed they were unreleased and began patiently waiting to hear them again. Yesterday Feed Me posted a preview of his new EP, Feed Me to the Stars, on his SoundCloud profile.

    Like Big Adventure this 4-track EP contains a blend of electrohouse and dubstep, all infused with Feed Me’s bass-gnawing sound. The first track To The Stars is perhaps the best of the four. By far the most unique, the song’s colorful sound and guitar-shredding riffs make it destined for popularity. The second track Strange Behavior seems to be Feed Me’s take on Deadmau5’ Raise Your Weapon, offering a strong female vocal that swims in a pool of inegmatic dubstep potential energy until the floodgates are open and well… we all know what happens next. Pink Lady, the third track brings the most genre fusion of the EP with what can best be described as a dirty dutch house riff set atop an electro-dub beat. Chain Smoker brings up the rear on Feed Me to the Stars. I was actually least impressed with this song, finding it somewhat devoid of depth and sound, but I’ll save final opinions until the full EP drops soon. Keep a look out.

    27 Apr 2011

    This video demonstrates why many who see a live set by A-Trak, are firm in their belief that he puts on one of the best live shows in the EDM scene. Not only is A-Trak an expert producer and remixer, he spins hot fire when it comes to vinyl. Often times if DJs are just grooving on stage and constantly throwing their hands in the air, I find myself quickly getting bored of their sets. A-Trak brings the opposite. While he’s behind the booth he’s constantly flipping through records, mixing on the fly, and dropping massive scratching sets. He puts in work and the crowd can respond with nothing less than awe. His mastery of the decks is so complete that at his concert yesterday, I spent as much time standing quietly behind the stage to watch him work as I did thrashing in the amidst the heap of Tuesday night party people. Enough talk, time for beats. A-Trak posted a 15-track digital album called Dirty South Dance 2 that is free for download here.

    See him live. 

    26 Apr 2011

    I just got back from sprinting a mile down the road to U Street Music Hall because I had completely forgotten that tonight there is a Fool’s Gold label show featuring Kid Sister and A-Trak. Kid Sister is definitely worth the ticket, but my money was spent on the montreal turntablist. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. For now, here’s my favorite track by Kid Sister and a dubstep remix provided by none other than the cockney thug Rusko.

    Pro Nails (ft. Kanye West)Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)

    7 Apr 2011

    I’m always excited when I hear anything by the Crookers. I’m even more excited when I hear that they are taking on new projects. Finally free of a dense tour schedule, Crookers finally had time to get back in the booth and produce some new music. Locked in a studio for ten days half-way up a mountain in Switzerland, the Italian duo paired up with Swedish producer Savage Skulls and brought us a massive three-track EP. Released under their collaborative moniker Dr. Gonzo - a nod to the cult writer Hunter S Thompson - the ‘Bust ‘Em Up’ EP is bursting with the cartoonish energy and life that made ‘Feed The Animals’ such a hit album. Get the tracks, get dancin.

    Springer, Bust ‘Em Up, Get The Fuck Out Of My House

    30 Mar 2011

    Couple days late on this one, but here it is, without any of the commercial accidentals. The new single from Justice - Civilization

    Couple days late on this one, but here it is, without any of the commercial accidentals. The new single from Justice - Civilization

    13 Mar 2011

    Get 2 Know A DJ - Avicii


    This one has been long overdue. This week’s G2KDJ is Swedish DJ/Producer Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii. In the span of just over two years, Avicii has experienced a meteroic ascension to highest ranks of EDM superstardom. Inspired by the Swedish House Mafia, John Dahlback, and some of Daft Punk’s early work, the 21-year-old Swede decided to download a copy of FL Studio and give production a try. He had only been making music for a few months when his friends noticed that the productions were incredibly professional. 

    Avicii was instantly fascinated with producing and spent hours in his home studio creating tracks. He began leaking his music to electronic music blogs such as Laidback Luke’s online forum where they were immediately noticed. In April 2008, Avicii released his first big track, ‘Manman’, on Pete Tong’s Bedroom Bedlam label after winning the Pete Tong Fast Trax. Avicii received an astonishing 70% of the votes and after the release was contacted by numerous labels, promoters and booking agencies from all over the globe. 

    His music spans the electronic music spectrum, incorporating elements of tech, trance, electro and house with a very strong emphasis on melodies, vocals, and big sound. His live sets are exactly provide for the quintessential electronic music experience. I’ve never been more satisfied after seeing a DJ set than after I saw Avicii. In 2008, Tim Bergling was a bedroom DJ, known to no one. Now in 2011, he has headlined the world’s largest electronic music events and is billed to play three times at Ultra Music Festival, more than any other artist. Avicii is churning out hits left and right and shows no sign of slowing down. Rather than reading more, check out his interview with Armada News below. More importantely, go listen to Avicii’s tracks and check out his Essential Mix. That’s all there is to it.

    23 Feb 2011

    An old favorite that never gets old. SO GOOD.