6 Oct 2011

    Here’s a track that I had my doubts about at first. Hangover is almost the last thing I would want to hear if I was having one, but it certainly gets people hype and this Caspa remix reels it in properly for a darker take on the kuduro beat.

    19 Jul 2011

    Katy B’s soulful voice has been permeating the UK radio waves for months now. Her tracks bridge multiple genres unconventional to the Top40 charts, including dubstep, garage, and electro house. This remix of her fourth single Easy Please Me¬†was produced by West London’s dubstep duke, Caspa. The original follows the traditional dubstep cadence, but Caspa’s remix goes all in and impregnates it with the dirtiest of grime sound, giving it a huge boost of swagger. A must hear. Thizz face on.

    Katy B - Easy Please Me (Caspa Remix)