15 Sep 2011

    The wait is finally over. Porter Robinson, the 19-year old producer from North Carolina, has finally released his long awaited SPITFIRE EP. I recently caught part of his phenomenal set at Electric Zoo, and Porter is pretty much unmatched in terms of the energy and creativity he brings to the decks. He is certainly one of the most talented new producers out there.

    This 6-track EP is one of the best I’ve heard, winding through the EDM genre circuit of Electro House, Dubstep, Moombahton and even Trance. The remixes from Knife Party, Downlink, SkisM, Kill The Noise and Mikkas are all incredible.

    The second track Unison¬†and its Knife Party remix are by far my favorites. SPITFIRE has certainly set a new bar for producers everywhere. Wow, it’s just incredible.

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