18 Sep 2013

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    23 Aug 2013


    'And talk it up like yeah…'

    20 Dec 2011

    Been awhile everyone. I’ve been neck-deep in my studio for the past couple months, really trying to improve on my production. This blog is in no ways finished, just doing some serious reorganizing of things. Anyways, I’m back today with a brand new remix I finished of Kito & Reija Lee’s Run For Cover. Hope you enjoy!

    23 Nov 2011

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    18 Nov 2011

    More Crank music. Dis one’s heavier.


    27 Oct 2011

    New remix I did with my boy Rex Riot. Reppin CRANK music!

    24 Oct 2011


    19 Oct 2011


    To all followers/readers/stumbleuponers alike. I’m currently in a transition phase with the site and will doing serious maintenance on it over the next couple weeks. As such, my posts will be discontinued for the time being. I appreciate all your support! Rave is king.


    11 Oct 2011

    Preview of a new track off the new album from Kaskade…

    This ch00ne is pure unadulterated house music. Don’t worry though, the euphoric dream sweeps Kaskade is known for make an appearance, but it is good to hear him pushing a different vibe.

    11 Oct 2011

    Here’s a track that’s been out for a bit, but just got a rap reboot by Freddie Gibs. 

    Free DL HERE

    9 Oct 2011

    Been jamming out to this one all day. Big Moombahton Monday coming your way tomorrow!

    Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Thunderlust Remix)

    8 Oct 2011

    7 Oct 2011

    Something I’m looking forward to a lot.

    7 Oct 2011

    FUCK. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom that I was there… 3 times.

    7 Oct 2011

    I had the pleasure of checking out a Designer Drugs show last night at U Hall. I’ve been a fan of theirs for awhile, but haven’t really stayed up on their music recently, so much of what I was hearing was fresh to my ears. The tone was largely “grindhouse”. Much of Designer Drugs’ music is inspired by punk/hardcore and plays out so hard. It was awesome to be in an ‘edgier’ edm crowd that was completely willing to cut loose and thrash. Some girl next to me saw a dude standing still on his iPhone in the middle of the crowd, immediately accosted him for his flagrant faux pas, and forced him to perform some heinous raving before she disappeared into the throng. Anyways, Designer Drugs smashed the place apart (there was even a moombah-cameo by Alvin Risk) and I left in proper shambles. Today’s track is a remix by the duo of the Klaxons’ Echoes. It’s less ‘hardcore’ than other tracks by them such as Riot or Drop Down, but it represents another side of their sound that I really like. Grab it and their other remixes below!

    Klaxons - Echoes (Designer Drugs Remix)